What is the Ashrealm?


It’s a question I asked myself, and it took me a solid year to chronicle just the beginning of my journey in understanding it. The origins, and key members of the unfolding saga, are all here. Their paths inextricably linked to the dawning of a new era in humankind – one of possible extinction.

Join these flawed, and human characters as they struggle to understand the question: What is the Ashrealm?

The complete first book, A Blue Horizon is now available on AmazonKoboChapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Smashwords, and directly from CreateSpace.

Praise for A Blue Horizon:

“…masterfully lays a tapestry of questions begging for answers… like a government conspiracy novel with elements of mystery and the supernatural…”
-Mickey Ann, Author of Gods Behaving Badly

“…gripped me… a page-turner from page one…”
-Bernetta Haynes, Author of Landrien Moriset

“…excellent character building, interesting sub-plots and exceptional descriptive prose throughout…”
-Ralph Jones, Author of the Slaughter Series

What others are saying:

“Enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to Book 2…”
“There are many undercurrents for those who like subtle intrigue. Twists and turns abound…”
“…one of the few books I will read more than once…”




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