Shareholders Meeting


Gerald Keating
Outer Reach Communications
& Human International Division

Investor Relations Meeting and Technology Showcase Event
A first-hand look at your investment.
Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Alger Strieber

To Our Investors: We promised you results, and in the coming months, those promises will be fulfilled beyond our initial projections. Our extensive worldwide operations have secured us technology that will revolutionize entire industries as the world knows them. Advances in energy, medicine, and weaponization are but a few of the applications this new discovery promises. You are invited to attend a demonstration, and digestible explanation, of this new technology.

Dr. Strieber will be your guide at this event. His addition to our team here has already provided a financial growth percentage of one-third over our previous year and this new breakthrough is shaping up to multiply that exponentially. He will be on hand after the presentation to answer any further questions you may have. Remember that addition investments are always welcomed but will be subjected to a declining rate of return as advancements become more lucrative.

This event will replace our usual fiscal meeting this month and instead be hosted at the newly-built research arm detailed in your last quarterly report. As always, your attendance is not mandatory but absences will be noted.

About O.R.C.H.I.D: Please remember that dissemination or propagation of any events, technology, names, locations or literature concerning O.R.C.H.I.D or any of its non-public subsidiaries is a breach of contract and will be dealt with accordingly.



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