Coming to Print…

PrintCoverMy proof copies of A Blue Horizon are on the way! Being new to CreateSpace, it was a learning experience in the basics of publication as I prepared my uploads. Templates make it easier, but in the end, you always triple-guess every move. It takes 24 agonizing hours for the CS team to go over your material to be sure it fits their guidelines, and in that time, I modified my interior media three times.

The review came back with some “non-blocking issues” (takes a second to parse the English there), but otherwise fine for publication. I immediately re-uploaded the new interior and recreated my cover because of the single new page it contained. Just a warning, ensure your interior is absolutely finished before you create your cover – the addition pushed me over the 340 mark and I required a new template.

Review for that version came back in less than the 24 hour period, and I could preview my book online via a ‘Digital Proofer’. An interactive, 3D representation of your cover is available through its interface and I grew giddy at the image it depicted. It claims accuracy but suggests you order a proof all the same, and I did so in spades.

Shipping from the U.S. sucks for Canadians, all-inclusively, so the proofs will take almost two weeks to get here. Assuming all goes well, and nothing is fatally wrong with the proof, it should go live immediately. Now the growing list of pulp-copy enthusiasts will finally be able to share their opinions with me.


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