Proofs have Arrived…

…and that was fast! I’m glad I didn’t pay for expedited shipping, it took barely a weekend to arrive. A large box and an additional $16.77 C.O.D. bill for taxes and processing fees awaited me, the fun never ends for Canadians. Initially offering cash for my cash-on-delivery charge, the man was stumped; Completely at a loss of what to do with this strange paper I had handed him. I relented and offered to pay debit, which seemed to right the sea of wrong that I had placed his little boat in.

Back inside with my goods, I slashed open tape and box alike to get to the prize inside, and this is what awaited me:

Multiples for comparison.

I would love to say that all is roses and champaign, but that is not the case; The workmanship of CreateSpace leaves much to be desired. One copy was cut poorly, the pages with a visible, jagged edge that looks shoddy. Two of the four had dings in the spines, and one had been bound with too much glue. The last one was damn near perfect, but this was only on the outside.

Inside, the text was spotty (as in visibly made of small spots), and the variance in height from one page to the other is pretty glaring. In the first chapter, the sentences on opposite pages don’t line up, the right droops below the left. By the time you get to the last chapter, the opposite is true. Both of these issue could very well be my fault, so I can’t (yet) blame CS for this.

I realize that Amazon has a return policy to cover this kind of thing, but quality assurance would go a long way to save money on everyone’s behalf. First impressions are everything!

Sexy Time!

Aside from these issues, holding your own book in your hand is quite a surreal experience. It took over a year to get to this place, but it’s a happy one. I will be going over possible solutions to my issues immediately, and hopefully have print ready to go for the first of June.


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